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Uniting the Global Coffee Community: One Cup at a Time

The Beginning of an Exceptional Journey

Coffee Sourcing Process

We source Coffee from growers along the Coffee Belt (Primarily East Africa and South America) through Single Origin Coffee Sourcing and Export them to our regional destination factories for Processing and forward distribution.

Roasting and Quality Control

We offer Commercial Coffee Roasting and Grinding services on a case-by-case basis and can help clients create flavored blends upon request We provide hands- on Barista Training at our regional production facilities through SCA certified trainers.

Packaging and Delivery

We roast, grind and package whole bean and ground coffee, instant coffee stick packs, k-cups, Coffee pods (compostable) and process different flavors and blends based on our clients’ specifications

Ensuring Perfection with our On-Site Quality Control Lab

Partner with Lava Ratio and experience the difference our rigorous Quality Control Lab brings to your coffee business. Elevate your offerings with thoroughly tested, evaluated, and validated coffee beans of exceptional quality and consistency.

We understand that different coffee beans require different roasting profiles to unlock their full potential. Our team of roast masters creates precise roasting profiles for each bean variety, ensuring that the flavors are perfectly developed and the coffee is never over or under-roasted.

Our Commitment to Quality and Certification

Stringent Quality Measures: We prioritize quality at every step. From the sourcing process to post-roasting inspections, we implement strict quality control measures to guarantee the freshest, most flavorful coffee.
Award-Winning Coffee: Our dedication to exceptional quality and taste has been recognized in the industry. Our coffee has received prestigious awards at renowned coffee competitions, solidifying our position as a trusted and distinguished supplier.

Let’s Discuss Your Coffee Needs

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