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about us

Dedication to Quality

GoldenRatio Coffee LLC (doing business as Lava Ratio Coffee) is a Limited Liabil-ity Company, Incorporated and Operating within the Laws of the United States of America, with regional offices in Kenya, India, and New Zealand. Our Head Of-fice and Production Facility are in Katy, Texas, where all North American opera-tions are conducted from, with our regional office in Kenya servicing Africa, Asia, Europe, and GCC Countries (Middle East).

Due to our current expansion pro-gram aimed at setting up regional distribution centers across each continent, we aim at setting up fully automated production facilities in each of our regional of-fices, which will facilitate coffee roasting, transport logistics, and distribution, sales, and marketing as well as administration services necessitated by the ever-growing demand for premium Coffee across the world.

Everything we do is a matter of
heart, body and soul.

The Management

Coffee is our craft, our ritual, our passion.

The Company is formed under a hierarchical management structure with the senior executive team by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), who is the overall in charge of the Company, assisted by regional Business Development and Operations Managers who are tasked with overseeing the day-to-day administrative, business expansion and operational functions of the Company in each of our central and regional offices. The CEO is also assisted by the Chief Finance Officer (CFO), responsible for managing and consolidating all the Company’s financial activities, with help from regional Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) in each branch.

Below the senior executives are departmental heads (Managers) in charge of the Company’s various departments, namely Production, Marketing, Procurement, Logistics, Human resources, Distribution, and Administration. Under the Departmental heads are Departmental Workers, Assistants, and Subordinate Staff members.

Our Products and Services.

Everything we do is a matter of heart, body and soul.

  • We source Coffee for growers along the Coffee belt (Primarily East Africa and South America) through Single Origin Coffee Sourcing.
  • We can also Purchase Coffee as Licensed Coffee Dealers through the Local Coffee Auction from origin and Export to the regional destination office for Processing and forward distribution.
  • We procure, handle logistics, and Export Unprocessed Coffee Exporter (Green Beans).
  • We offer Toll Commercial Coffee Roasting and Grinding services.
  • We will provide hands-on Barista Training at our regional production facilities through SCA certified trainers. 
  •  We offer quality control, cupping, and q-lab Services.
Mission, Goals, and Objectives

Our Mission

Our mission is to be more than simply procurers, producers, and distributors of Coffee. Instead, we are dedicated to supporting and educating various stake-holders throughout the supply chain and proactively engaging and interacting with the local community. To play our role in making the industry more sustaina-ble, our agronomists work hand in hand with Coffee farmers, providing extensive ground training on agricultural practices to yield the best possible quality and volume of crops at each harvest so that the Coffee sourced from the origin and processed is of the highest quality to appeal to our client base across the world.


  •  To be a leading global provider of top-quality premium Coffee sourced directly from selected Coffee farmers from different Origins. 
  •  To become successful in our Company operations and growth projections to ensure expansion is achieved.
  •  To Encourage ethical sourcing and promote good agricultural and Fair-trade practices.
  •  To help sustain and increase Coffee supply from South America and East Africa to meet the ever-growing Coffee demands primarily in the USA, Middle East, and Asia.
  •  To Create valuable job opportunities and career paths in each region, we trade-in.
  •  To Embark on implementing meaningful CSR initiatives in each community, we have a presence.


  •  Use ethical principles to govern our company operations in line with the Laws governing company operations in each region.
  •  Set up internal departments that will handle the marketing, sales, distribution, logistics, and support by engaging the local workforce in each region, providing services to clients across the Countries where we will set up a regional presence.
  •  Provide traceability on the entire supply chain and offer accountability through implementing a robust and fail-safe digital platform open to both producers and buyers.
  •  To be consistent in Fair-trade Compliance and make sure we continue to trade with certified producers and buyers within the certified Fair-trade system, to maintain the supply chain and ensure producers receive adequate returns for their yields.
  •  Increase our farmer training practices by engaging more agronomists to train Coffee producers on good agricultural practices to increase their yields and improve the quality of the Coffee.
  •  Create a solid concept in the industry and track performance to sustain our expansion program to other regions.
  •  Engage the local community and participate in regional Coffee events and functions organized by the relevant licensed boards or associations in each region to increase synergy.
  •  Engage in activities that will support community growth and support programs and initiatives to educate the public on the benefits of Coffee.

Established Customers

USA and Canada:

We currently pre-qualified orders from prospective retailers and foodservice providers in the USA and Canada who will purchase roasted Coffee, Instant Coffee, and Coffee pods from our Katy factory on an ongoing basis to ensure we streamline all our operations.

GCC Countries:

We currently have a long-term “Exclusivity” agreement with distributors across the U.A.E under a Food Distribution Agreement to purchase Roasted Coffee from us for re-distribution across the UAE. In addition, several ad-hoc clients have shown interest in neighboring GCC Countries for our Roasted Coffee through long-term distribution partnerships.


We have established green coffee buyers from Kenya and Uganda, exported from our regional company in Kenya. We aim to solidify these long-term distribution agreements and increase the quantity due to the region’s ever-growing demand for Coffee.


Europe remains a vital coffee destination due to the preference for premium Arabica Coffee and enormous demands within the Nordic countries. We aim to set up a regional office to handle all distribution within the European Union and Great Britain in 2022 due to lockdown restrictions being lifted across the continent and the rapid boom within the hospitality industry.

Our Coffee Benefits

When comparing our capabilities and proposed solution to that of competitors, the benefits of choosing Lava Ratio Coffee are;

  • Increased Value Addition due to added benefits
  • High ROI and Monthly cost savings due to already developed distribution and supplier networks
  • Rapidly reduced delivery time.
  • Transparent and traceability in each phase of the supply chain
  • Service reliability due to personal touch and approach
  • Best quality Coffee procured and roasted to the client’s specifications
  • Innovative touch due to the use of interactive platforms used in the supply chain
  • Custom packaging options for Roasted Coffee unique to each client